Can I change my booking?

We are sorry you need to change your booking.

If your session is more than three weeks away, then we are happy to move your booking to an alternative date that is within three weeks either side of your original session free of charge. :)  We are able to permit one date change per booking and after that further date changes attract a £7.50 per ticket admin change fee.

If your session is less than three weeks away and you wish to change it, then a £7.50 per ticket change fee is applicable. We have this in place to help customers who may require a last minute change. We absorb the remainder of the loss and the empty space.

We are unable to make any changes within 1 day of your booked session time. You are also welcome to pass these tickets onto a friend or colleague who would like to attend in your place. All bookings are non-refundable.

To make a change, please click on one of the below links to complete a change form. Please check availability before submitting for a new date and time -

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