What to wear / Suitable Hair Styles / Other Safety Information

What to Wear -

This is baking, so there is no dress code, but we do always remind customers that we are a baking venue and live kitchen, so sensible attire is recommended.

  • With hot objects and knives on your baking stations, clothing like closed toe flat shoes would be recommended.
  • Loose fitting clothing that could catch on a mixer or drag on a hob should not be worn, and can be stored in baking station

Hair -

  • All long hair should be tied back so it can not be caught in any equipment in our venues.

Other Safety Information -

  • Our Head Bakers will carry out a safety briefing at the start of every session to provide you with guidance on our sites and safe operation of our equipment
  • Our Hobs use Induction Heating Technology. Guest fitted with a pacemaker should avoid close contact with Induction Hobs such as leaning over them and follow the medical guidance given at the time of their pacemaker being fitted.

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