Can my voucher be extended due to Covid?

We re-opened our wonderful baking venues on July 4th 2020. Since then 1000's of customers have come to join us but we recognise that some customers won't have been able to yet, especially before the December Lockdown came into effect.

For any customer who's voucher was due to expire between March 15 2020 and March 31 2021, your vouchers can be extended by us for an additional 6 months (6 month extensions starting from March 31, 2021) but you will need to email us with your original voucher details.

Please email us with original voucher details, including the voucher number as well as the email address used to buy the voucher if you have it. You can email us at or

All other vouchers expire at the time stated on the voucher when issued. Please note that after the extension time expires, the vouchers will lapse and unfortunately can not be extended any further. Vouchers in all instances are non refundable.

Vouchers can also be transferred to a friend or relative without needing to notify us.

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