What steps have you taken to make your venue COVID secure?

As a COVID-Secure venue, we have all the steps in place to ensure you have a super fun and super safe day out!

We have:

  • 12 baking stations, all 2 meters apart our venues are naturally socially distant
  • We are in marquees, which are open, airy and hugely well ventilated spaces, limiting risk significantly
  • We are 5 star hygiene rated, with deep cleaning after every session.
  • We provide hand-wash facilities, PPE and sanitising wipes for everyone.
  • All our staff have been trained to ensure we meet the highest standards.

Our customers say it best -
" Thank you everyone at The Big Bakes for a wonderful experience. I will be coming back! * Extra note - social distancing is implemented and cleanliness is second to none (thanks to all of the staff for making everyone feel comfortable at a safe distance, you’re all amazing at what you do.)"

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